Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Remlinger Farm

So, my parents live in Carnation.  And in Carnation there is this awesome little place called Remlinger Farms.  They sell berries, pies, and produce locally: u-pick, fresh, and frozen.  On site, there is a little farm store and restaurant.  They also have an amusement park/country fair of sorts, for kids.  With lots of kiddie rides, pony rides, a train ride, and a petting zoo.  It's pretty expensive to go, but once a year, at the beginning of summer, there is a groupon for buy one get one free tickets.  My whole family watches for the groupon and then we each buy the max amount.  Scout loved it last year and I was excited to go with her again this year, but summer got away from us and it never seemed like a good time.  So when my mom and dad took Scout for a long weekend, they bought our tickets and took for her themselves.  I'm glad she got to go and have a good time, even if I wasn't there to see it!

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