Sunday, September 7, 2014

Scout's 3rd Birthday

This post is incredibly late (her birthday was July 3rd!) and incredibly long, with lots of video clips. I have no expectation that anyone will read this, but I want to record how we celebrated because this blog is the only way I remember anything.

We celebrated Scout's 3rd birthday perfectly, if I do say so myself. It wasn't incredibly elaborate, but I wouldn't have changed anything. This girl is obsessed with swinging, so we got our family to combine gift giving and go in on a swing set for her. Pretty much, she got a bunch of small, dollar store or similar type toys to open at her parties, and then this big gift.  It's perfect.

We set it up after she went to bed one night so that it would be ready for her the next morning.
Swing set all set up the night before

A video clip of her first swing, the next morning, and saying thank you for the gift.  I was a bit bummed that our plans to get a safety swing (so she could go super high) fell through last minute.  But she didn't seem to care a bit that it was delayed a week.

After waking up to a swing set, we let her plan the day, doing all the things that she thought should be done on a birthday.  Including (but not limited too) buying a doughnut, a birthday balloon, picking a card out for herself, decorating and getting birthday hats, making a cake, singing happy birthday, and opening presents.

Eating donuts at Haggen after buying her balloon.
Making her own birthday cake, funfetti of course.  With a balloon tied to her wrist.
Decorating for her own party.  While holding the card she picked out for herself, wearing her birthday party hat, and tied to a balloon.
Rachelle, Levi, and Miles joined us for our party.  It was simple but perfect.  Rachelle let Levi shop for her at the dollar store so she had like 15 presents to open.  Which they opened one at a time and then ran away to play with.  They ate spaghetti and meatballs, we all wore party hats, we ate cake and ice cream and we sang her "Happy Birthday" while she blowed out candles.  Exactly what she wanted, with very little enforced structure.
Rachelle and Miles
Me and Elena
Her first round of Happy Birthday and candles for this birthday season.

Scout and Levi eating cake and talking.
Conversation between these two is always interesting.  I happened to catch a decent snippet of this one on video.
We probably could have stopped there for celebrating and she would have been content, but we decided to drive South and celebrate with the grandparents.  We went to my parents first, on the 4th of July and let her think that all of the 4th of July celebrations in Carnation were meant just for her.
There was a pancake breakfast.  With meat...her favorite.

A parade
And a bouncy house, she loved it.
After celebrating in town, we came back to my parents house for another little party with cake and ice cream and a good assortment of dollar store treasures.
Little bit of sugar?
And she got to have a second "Happy Birthday" with candles.
Andrew and I spent about 10 dollars on some pop-its and simple fireworks that we set off in my parents driveway during the afternoon. And then we went to the neighborhood block party in my parent's neighborhood. There was a BBQ, a few bouncy houses with tons of kids, and a bike parade (in which she drove my parents little 4 wheeler). Other than the bike parade and short eating breaks, she jumped in the bouncy houses for 3-4 hours straight. And then she asked to go to bed.
Neighborhood bike parade.  You can see her and my dad in the far back left.

Sliding down the bouncy house slide.
And?  Still not done.  We finished off the celebrating the next day by heading down to the Bybee's where she shared a birthday part with Grandpa Bybee.  We had an awesome rib dinner, her and Harper got matching party dresses, and they got to play with more fireworks.
Scout and Harper playing with sparklers.  It's serious business.
Scout loves playing with Harper, they had a lot of fun rolling down the hill together.
Think we managed to do her birthday up right this year?

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Winn said...

Thanks for sharing, I loved what she wanted to do for her birthday. Starting out with a doughnut and balloon sounds like the best ideas ever.