Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Spider Web

Spiders can be kind of creepy. Mostly, I don't like how they sneak up on me. A month or so ago, I was sitting on the floor in front of my closet, in the middle of the night, nursing Elena and a HUGE house spider ran right in front on me, into the closet. I had to really work to hold back a scream.  I get that feeling of not likely spiders.  Despite the occasional creepy crawlies, Andrew and I make a pretty concerted effort not to talk about, or show, being scared of spiders in front of Scout as we don't really think we need to teach her that social norm. As a result, both Andrew and I have become much more comfortable with spiders around, and Scout is for sure comfortable with them. A few times she's reached out and grabbed one by the leg as is ran by; holding it up while it wiggles. Unafraid? Yes. Gentle? Not so much. A week or so before I went back to work, we came home from an outing to find a spider being a huge, gorgeous, classic web between our window and our couch, inside. We left it there for a few hours, all watching it carefully build it's web. Andrew caught this little video clip.

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