Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Family Pictures

This weekend we were supposed to get our family pictures taken. We were actually scheduled for the weekend before, then moved it to last weekend because of weather. The weather was pretty crummy again, so we decided to push back until next weekend, when we are going to do it rain or shine. Postponing was probably for the best, because Elena was sick this weekend and had a gross snotty, stuffed up nose, which would have looked great in pictures. Unfortunately, Andrew and I were already dressed for pictures and were about to start getting the girls ready when the call was made. Scout was a little confused at the sudden change, and decided that taking a picture of me and Andrew made some sense to her. At the last minute, she asked for Little Lamb to be included. This is one of the three that she took; a little blurry but not too shabby. She makes us look really tall.
Nothing too eventful happening in our lives, but it's funny how despite the routine we manage to stay way too busy and life seems to go by way to quick. Every now and again, especially as the seasons change, I seem to feel the need to stop and regroup, take stock of where we are right now.
  • Elena is 8 months old (three days ago!) and Scout is 3.
  • I'm still pumping for Elena, 2 to 3 times a day.  Which covers most, but not quite all of her breastmilk needs, so she gets a bit of formula everyday.
  • Scout's been waking up in the night occasionally, coming into our room and needing something.  It's a fun stage, but she's pretty good about it.  Luckily, Elena sleeps through the night most nights.
  • I'm back at work full-time and teaching a few online classes at WWU.
  • Andrew teaches trumpet lessons two nights a week, and seems to always have another gig lined up.
  • The garden is pretty much done for the season, we have carrots, kale, and chard out there for ready picking.  But everything else is done.  We didn't clean up for fall as well as I would have liked but that's just life.
  • I picked the pumpkins and hard squashes this week and set them by the back door.  Scout and I have been roasting/pureeing pumpkins as we can.  All the apples and onions have been consumed, still working on the potatoes and garlic.
  • We are watching True Blood in the evenings, which is great mindless entertainment.
  • It's officially soup season, which is when I really hit a stride cooking.  Andrew's been calling me the soup queen.
  • We are done with major finishing in the playroom, but have a good list of "weekend projects" that should keep us busy all winter.
  • We got out the fireplace gear this last weekend and have just started turning the heat on once a day.  We've had a couple of fires but mostly for fun, as we really only need the house warmed up once during the day.  Soon though, there will be fires all day everyday.

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