Monday, October 13, 2014

Now of Scout

Scout requested to take this photo.  Picked up my phone, saying "Let me take a picture, okay mom?"  When I agreed, she responded, "Say cheesies guys!" and snapped this.  Lest you think she is a genius, there was also a nice shot of just my shirt.

She's getting to be really big.  Like a big kid now.  I forget, and sometimes I try to pick her up and carry her somewhere.  She usually tells me to put her down; she really only wants to be carried if she's sad or hurt.  She is hilarious.  Exhausting sometimes, with big emotions, and equal parts stubborn and overly sensitive, but honestly hilarious.  I've always been really bad at writing down the funny things she says, and I'm probably not going to get any better, but we have some pretty awesome conversations that make me laugh out loud.

Right now she is obsessed with Halloween, watching the new Halloween Curious George movie on repeat and asking us "So, guys, what do you think you are going to be for Halloween?".  She's planning on being Rapunzel, I will be the Wicked Witch, and Andrew is going to be Flynn Ryder.  Which he isn't dressing up for.  And I'm just wearing all black with a witches hat.  If we were really cool, we'd make Elena a Pascal costume and go as a team.  Too bad we really don't put much energy into Halloween.

Scout's been quoting some good one liners from that George movie, including;
"Which witch is which?" which then morphs into "Which chair is which chair is which?"  and great things like that.  She also asked me: "So mom, do you know the legend of No-noggin?" and then seemed quite surprised that I had been listening to George along with her, and knew the legend quite well.

Tonight she asked me when she was going to get married and I told her that she could get married when she grew up and found someone that she loved.  She said "Oh great, I will marry you." It was a very sincere "oh, great".  She was bummed after I explained that I was already married to her dad, and that you could only be married to one person at a time.  After a few minutes of silence, she perked up and announced that she would marry Elena "because I really do love her too".  I didn't have the heart to tell her no.

This little masterpiece, in the bottom right hand corner was drawn by Scout, today while I was at work.  As she told me, "It's me and you and Elena and that's all there is while Dad is at work."

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