Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Office & Hallway #2

Remember those projects we have going around the house? Not a ton has happened, in real time progress, or in my posts about them. Last post, Andrew took out the door way and the closet into the office, opening it up to the hallway. In the process of doing that, he has to adjust a bunch of wiring. There was a light in the closet that needed to be removed (since, uh, there was no more closet). And while things were opened up in the wall, during that same weekend, he changed the lighting in our bedroom.

Previously, our room had two lights:
This one, that really attaches in the back corner (see the wire?)  and the switch is behind our bed, next to the window.  At one point, it was an outside light.

This one.  With a switch in a normal place, but mounted on the wall, providing minimal light.

Andrew took the wall mount one down, and installed this lovely light with a fan, wiring it to the switch right next to the door. 
New light and ceiling fan

The switch on the back wall, and the light, still need to be taken down. And there are several interesting holes in the wall that need to be watched during the drywall round, but the light is so much better in our room. It actually makes sense now!

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