Saturday, November 22, 2014

Office & Hallway #3

So uh, maybe I will go back and catalog some things I've missed.  Especially aspects of our house projects, as it always fun to go back and look at how our house has changed. 

At the beginning of September, the 6th to be precise, Andrew knocked down the last wall.  At least the last wall we have planned for now.  The wall was a funny little wall that narrowed the entry from the front door into the living room and blocked you from seeing from the living room down the hallway.  Taking it out has opened up the front entry quite a bit, and made our living space feel bigger. 
The wall from the living room side.

The wall from the front door, with Andrew comparing the wood that was covering the drywall to the wood that is on our ceilings.


And more demo!

Drywall out

And the 2x4s out

Cleaning up

The wall out, from the living room

The wall out, from the hallway

The wall out, from the front door

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