Monday, November 24, 2014


Andrew scored and found us a free kitchen table on craigslist. We were using a table of Andrew's parents, that had been around a LONG time. It is still super sturdy, and is in good condition (so if you need a table let me know!) but it was just a little too small for our family of four. The old table had legs on each of the 4 corners, making hard to fit more than 4 people around the table. And, because of the space in our kitchen, we need to have one edge of the table up against the wall. It was to small to play any games on, and we always ran out of room for food and for people's plates.

So we were on the hunt for something a little bit bigger, but not too much bigger or it wouldn't fit. We also wanted something that had the legs in the middle of the table so that you could fit 2 people on each long side, instead of just one. Andrew stumbled across this, which fit the bill perfectly. Even better, it has two leaves to add to the center, and those leaves store in the middle of table so they don't take up any of our precious storage space.

However, as you can see, the table needed a bit of work. It had been stored outside and was all scratched up. Even after a good wipe down, it was pretty beat up looking. Andrew spent a weekend sanding, painting and sealing. He did a great job and the new table looks awesome, bright and shiny! Now we just need to get a couple more black chairs so we can get rid of the ones that went with the old table.

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