Saturday, December 6, 2014

Elena-9 Months, kind of

I totally missed Elena's 8 month, and her 9 month post.  Sorry baby girl, we really do love you!  Here's her last update, at 7 months, I'm reading it now to make sure I don't forget to note anything that has changed.  Oh and here is Scout's 8 month and 9 month update.  Elena's got her little things that stress us out (nursing or drinking from a bottle!) but overall, she is a good baby. She sleeps great, is easy to play with and entertain, and is fairly happy-go-lucky.
Look at this happy little thing!
  • She real crawls, on all 4s, all over the place.  And she's fast.  She goes exploring regularly and heads off to see what she can find in the other rooms without us there.
  • She pulls herself to standing on everything.  Then balances there trying to move around the furniture, trying to be able to let go and stand on her own.  
  • Just in the past few days, she's finally started sitting. It's like the position just seems natural to her now and she can get herself in and out of sitting just fine.  Whole new world for her to be able to play with toys with two hands!
  • She still loves to eat.  Anything and everything, and she eats a lot.  Since there isn't much she doesn't like, it's hard to identify her favorites, but she seems to like cheese, bread, and noodles quite well.  And peas, she loves picking them off her tray.
  • She's got a great pincer grasp now and can pinch little tiny peas and pieces of cheese up just fine.  And all the garbage off the floor.  And anything she can reach under the couch.
  • She still loves bath time, but I don't anymore.  Ever since she learned to pull herself to standing, she won't stop trying to stand up in the tub.  So the whole 5 minutes is basically me wrestling her as she tries to flip to her hands and knees and climb up the side of the tub.  It's lovely.
  • She never did start nursing again.  And I finally gave up pumping about a month ago.  Super weird to finally just decide to call it quits, but she had shown absolutely no interest in nursing, and it was getting hard to keep up with pumping.  So after a month and half, I gave up.  The stress, and the time away from playing with the girls and Andrew, just didn't seem worth it anymore.  So she is all on formula now and I'm officially done nursing.  Crazy.
  • She stopped taking a bottle very well soon after she quit nursing.  Once she started eating so many solids, she stopped drinking 8 ounces in one sitting.  She will still take 4 ounces in the morning most of the time, and will occasionally take a bottle well during the day, but it was getting to a decent wrestling match.  She seemed to just hate sitting still that long.  And she had a few small colds that made breathing through her nose hard...but really, the bottle just wasn't so interesting to her.  We were getting a bit stressed about it, because she wasn't drinking well out of a sippy cup either, so she wasn't getting enough formula throughout the day.  Then Rachelle suggested a straw cup, and Elena's been doing great with it.  She can't hold it herself well yet, and sometimes she still drools it all over (this seems to be a long term issue? drooling milk everywhere?  shouldn't we out grow this soon?) but she's getting a lot down and we are feeling much better about her overall intake now.
  • She still only has the two bottom teeth.  I keep thinking a few more will pop through because her gums will get all big and swollen.  Then they don't.  Someday right?
  • She still loves riding in the Ergo, especially if she's tired.  Sure way to keep her happy.
  • She still goes to bed right at 6, wakes up around 615 and takes two naps.  Her naps are getting longer.  And it seems like if she wasn't so starving in the morning she would sleep longer in the morning and just take one long nap.  But right now, she wakes up with the rest of us do at 615, eats, gets a diaper change, hangs out for a bit, then happily goes back to bed.  She usually sleeps through the night, but had about a week and half stretch recently where she got up every night and chugged a bottle.  Luckily, she seems to have gone back to sleeping good, we need it.
  • She is still really easy to put down for nap or bed.  Check her diaper, quick song on the way, hand her monkey and turn out the lights.  She does the rest, it's awesome.
  • Since my last post, she stayed overnight with my mom for a few days.  Scout was with her too.  She didn't love it when my mom got her out of the carseat, at a new place, and we weren't there.  But it was a short, sad, time until she went to bed.  Luckily, she woke up the next morning seemingly fine with where she was at.
  • She loves to play.  With us, with Scout, peek-a-boo, wrestle, tickle, just about anything.  She's easy to play with.
  • She loves cars, little ones and she recently discovered our big ride on car and is obsessed with it.
  • She loves balls.  All of them!
  • She jabbers all the time, and has this awesome excited happy squeal.  So many different noises, I really should try and catch her jabbering on video.
    Speaking of, A few video clips of the munchkin:

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