Saturday, January 17, 2015

Facebook "Break"

So it's been a week since I deleted the Facebook app on my phone. Sounds like such a small thing I know, but I always have my phone with me.  And I found that I had developed an annoying habit of opening up Facebook whenever I sat down for 10 minutes (maybe 20...).  Mostly as a way to decompress and leave the "to-dos" behind.  And when I actually thought about that habit, I don't really like Facebook as a way to decompress.  I mean, I'm spending 10 minutes to reading "stuff" selected by everyone else, which I may or may not really care about in my daily life.  No offense guys.  And when I really think about life right now,  I feel like I'm begging for 10 minutes to myself, to read a chapter of a book I'm loving (Game of Thrones) or to write down a few thoughts.  In fact, this post was written in a 10 minute collapse on the couch. One I would have previously wasted on the Facebook newsfeed.  I still have my Facebook account, but leaving it on the computer has forced me to make a choice.  A choice to go sit down and look around, rather than mindlessly pull it up on my phone.  A week into this "break"?  It's been good to let my mind get bored and to think of something I want to say or to look up something I want to learn about, rather than letting my thoughts be dictated by what comes up in my news feed.  Here's to another week of breaking bad habits and making decisions about how I use my time.

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