Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Legos and Hexbugs

It started with Scout saying she wanted to buy Andrew a robot for Christmas. So we searched around on amazon (my shopping go-to) and found these little guys, on sale for $6.99.  It ended up being a stocking stuffer, that was pretty cool but she definitely loved it more than Andrew.  It hasn't broke, and is fun to watch but it doesn't seem quite sturdy enough to let her really play with the way she wants.  So I searched around and found these bitty baby versions, only $4.99.  Buy them now for stocking stuffers for next year, because they are totally awesome.  Seems pretty durable (it's survived a trip or two to Elena's mouth), is crazy fast, and can really get around; this "bug" is fun to watch.  Scout and I spent a good hour plus last night building and awesome maze out of legos and watching her little bug run around in it.  Upon doing a little research, seems that there are all kinds of contraptions you can buy for them and people get into races and such.  Fun, but not necessary as they stand alone as a cheap, fun, and creative little toy.  And really?  Something fun for both her and me?  For $4.99?  That doesn't make awful noises?  Sold.  Buy extra batteries, because it will get a lot of use!

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