Thursday, January 15, 2015


I came in to work today to find my desk looking like this.  I left it like this.  It maybe not look that awful, but those papers strewn randomly all over my desk are important to students.  Forms tracking their behavior, tests they have retaken I need to give back to their gen ed teacher, tests they are half way through taking, IEPS, progress monitoring assessments that need to be entered, goals they have evaluated themselves on, and a million slips of paper reminding me to do things.  Not on the desk are the 25 progress reports I need to write.  Notice the little red light on my phone?  5 new messages. Yesterday I felt a bit swamped all day.  Like I was just barely keeping ahead of the students and their immediate needs (maybe I was fooling myself that I was ahead?).  I had a killer headache all day, and then I had to rush out the door, right at three, to make it to WWU on time to teach my 4 hour night class.  So, all the mess that I accumulated yesterday is here waiting for me today.  And I'm going to dig out from underneath.  Now that I've taken 5 minutes to get the lay of the land, and drink my first sips of coffee...I'm on it. 

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