Sunday, January 18, 2015

These Girls: Amazing

They have always adored each other, but they are really starting to play together and it is so amazing.  There is the occasional frustration when Elena doesn't quite understand the complicated directions (crawl into this fort and wait here while I sneak around the other side) or when Scout is a little too rough (love pats are all about the intensity).  But 99% of the time it's good.

Elena-10, almost 11 months:
  • Has crazy long hair that hangs in her face, but it is too fine and wispy to do much of anything too.  It's light, but doesn't have the same red tones that Scout's does.
  • Is starting to play peek-a-boo, waves goodbye and hello, is learning kisses, and is trying to figure out a few words.  "Dog" is pretty consistent, and sometimes we get a "Ma" or a "Da".  All the actual playing is pretty dang adorable.
  • Pushes her walker all over and wants you to help her stand and walk all the time.
  • Starting to look at books, turning pages and pointing at things.
  • Throws epic fits for diaper changes and getting dressed.  Wrestle mania up in here.
  • Wants to be doing whatever it is we are doing, all the time.
  • Knows what we don't want her playing with (dog food, glass jars, in the toilet) and books it to those places as fast as she can if she sense a moment of lapsed watching.
  • Still sleeps good at night (600-630) and takes two naps a day.  Her naps seem to be adjusting again, maybe going to one soon? So they aren't as easy to figure out right now, but she still goes down easy without any fussing.
  • Loves her monkey lovey, and as soon as you give it to her she snuggles up and starts sucking her thumb.
  • Has stopped taking a bottle completely and just drinks her formula out of a straw cup, and eats a lot of any food around.
Scout-3.5 years:
  • Says that she is "Isla Scout Bybee Full of Love"...and she is so incredibly full of love it's ridiculous.  We are showered with big "smoocheroos", hugs and snuggles on a daily basis.
  • Wants to talk with us all the time, asking questions and discussing the facts of life.  She always wants to know more.
  • Has started doing this funny little nervous chuckle, I wish that I could catch it on video because it cracks us up.
  • Works in a base two system, she counts everything in groups of twos.  And two and two make four.  She's definitely thinking about all those numbers.
  • Talks a lot about her letters, and what letters go to which person.
  • Hates for us to be mad at her or to be in trouble, it's really upsetting to her. 
  • Gets nervous in new social settings where there is an expectation that she perform in a certain way.  If she can sit back and watch, and decide when and how she participates that's fine.  But people telling what to do right off the bat?  Pressure?  Spotlight on her?  No go for her.  I even see her get nervous when we turn the camera on.
  • Has a big heart, always wanting to take care of people, make them happy, and share with them.  She's always been that way, and even with the crazy emotions of a 3 year old, it's still such a huge part of what she is.
  • Loves to play games right now, Candyland, Busytown, Go Fish, Old Maid, Memory, Jenga, Slapjack, any game we will take the time to teach her how to play. 
  • Says so many ridiculous things that are so insightful and yet so funny.  I know I'm going to regret not writing them down at a later date.

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