Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Elena Jo-1 year

Can't believe my baby is a year old today!  I won't see her today (it's my long day of work!) and I'm trying not to be too heartbroken about that, because she doesn't know and really it's just another day.  We are celebrating her one year survival (and my birthday!) on Saturday with our family, so I will hug her to death then.

We were all sick this last weekend.  Elena had a funny afternoon, where all she wanted to do was sick on my lap and cuddle.  So you get a sad, but cute picture of her snuggling and sucking her thumb, which can be hard to catch.

A few tidbits about this little gem:
  • She is happy and super social, no worry or concern about people.  In fact, she loves people.  Andrew reports that she likes to wander around at library story time and try and make people laugh and smile at her.
  • She only has two teeth all the way in, and a third tooth about half of the way through.  
  • She doesn't have many clear words, dog (kind of) and lots of mamamama and dadadada but they don't really seem to be exclusively for us.
  • She loves to play games and have you make her laugh; she laughs easily.
  • She drives cars around and makes car noises when she does it.
  • She walks in this really goofy way, that I should definitely try to get on video.  She kneels on one knee, the other foot standing, and walk-kneels around.  That way she can have use of her hands, even though she can't really walk yet.  It's pretty goofy looking.
  • She loves to eat, almost all foods.  And loves to make a big mess.  Every once in a while, she swipes everything off her tray really excitedly, clearing off all over the floor.  It's great.
  • Even with colds, and teeth coming in, she is pretty happy go lucky. 
  • She sucks her thumb when she goes to sleep.  Or when you hand her her monkey (which is her Lovey).  Handing her Monkey makes her snuggle up and suck her thumb.  It's ridiculous.
  • She has been playing before bed every night in her crib.  Talking, jumping, rolling around.  Not sad, just not sleeping.  For like 45 minute every night.  Drives me crazy, but totally not hurting anything.
  • She loves her sister, best.  And all the time.  Even when Scout hurts or bugs her. 
  • If you give her a hug, she will hug you back and pat you on the back.
  • She loves to jump on the trampoline, swing, and ride the little car we keep inside.
  • We keep her morning nap to an hour (9-10) and her afternoon nap goes a little longer (1-3ish).  She goes to bed at 6 and sleeps until 7 in the morning. She is so easy to put to bed, drink of milk, hand her monkey and sing her a quick song.  Night!
  • She likes to crawl up to your lap, if you're sitting on the floor, and flop herself in your lap, snuggling up.
She is pretty awesome, and we are definitely loving her and this phase!

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