Friday, March 27, 2015

Family Adventures

A little over a month ago I had a middle of the night thought (where my best thoughts come. That and the shower!) about how we spend our time. We are getting better at recognizing what we need to be happy, and what we need to get the "things done" that we need to.  Andrew and I both get a good amount of time with the girls:  Andrew during the day while I'm at work and I get evenings and weekends. Andrew and I are both managing to find some alone time. And we manage to find time to spend together without the girls, even if it's just at our house once they are in bed. We do a lot of working and playing together as a family at home.  That time is usually a mix of playing together, and working.  With some of the time spent focused on the girls, and sometime spent trying to get something done.  You know, the parent multitask when you are trying to work on projects around the house and you are happy if they entertain themselves.  Very rarely did we all go do something fun, outside of the house, together as a family, without any parental distractions.

I mentioned it to Andrew, and we've been trying to do one fun thing, all as a family, once a week.  Scout calls it our Family Adventures, which I'm totally encouraging.  Not necessarily something huge and expensive, just fun and making memories together.  Something where we are focused on being together once a week instead of tag teaming the parenting aspect.  An activity that is fun for the kids, where we can all play.  We've gone to a marine touch-tank and walked along the water front, we've gone to the park, we've gone out to breakfast and then played at the mall, we went swimming, and this week we went to Wild Things.  Wild Things is a easy, playful, unstructured group for kids.  They meet at a different park every month and explore as a group, with their parents.  Lots of fun!  I snapped a few pictures while we were wandering.
Scout in a hiding tree.
Scout and a new friend watching the ducks and geese together.
Scout and Andrew examining lichen a magnifying glass.  Also notice the binoculars around Scout's neck.

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