Monday, March 23, 2015


I have been wanting a weeping willow tree forever.  A big tall one with sweeping branches you can go sit under.  A place for the girls to hide and play in; something large and pretty to give us some shade when it's hot. A focal point for our large and empty lower yard.  But planting a 50 ft tall, 40 ft wide tree is not quick, spur of the moment decision.  Last summer we finally felt ready and confident about wanting one.  And then we realized that the best planting time was in March.  So I had to wait some more.  Last weekend, I finally got it.  Andrew and Scout went out and dug a hole, while I carried Elena.  This is the view from the deck.
This area of our yard is perfect for a willow tree (we hope) since the ground it wet and boggy, and even with some extra drainage tends to be a bit mucky in the winter.  Willows love wet moist ground so we are hoping it will be happy hear. After Elena's birth, we saved the placenta in the freezer, meaning to plant it with a special tree or bush.  A year later, this seemed like the perfect occasion. And the two of us beside my tree.  These are supposed to be fast growing trees when they get enough water, I can't wait to see what it looks like next year!

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