Thursday, March 19, 2015


Gorgeous trees by the Performing Arts Center at WWU.  Love them every Spring.  And want to own.
 This week I finished my first, on campus, quarter teaching since Fall 2013.  Sounds like an incredibly long time.  It felt long too.  But between fewer staffing needs on their end, and having a baby, it just didn't happened.  I've taught a few online classes during that time, but it wasn't the same.  I love teaching at Western, and feel so lucky to have the opportunity.  Working with future teachers, looking at current research, talking about education (the ideals and the reals) keeps me positive.  Keeps me hopeful.  Keeps me thinking that maybe someday our whole school system will work a little bit smoother, run a little bit more based around what kids need.  It gives me a chance during the week to focus on what education should be, what we want it to be, and to talk with people who are still so hopeful about making it that way.  It prompts me to reflect on what I can do better in my daily practice so that I don't fall into bad habits.  I'm teaching again next quarter, a different class, not one I like quite as much, but still good for my brain and my soul.  So thanks Western.  For another quarter of keeping me thinking about education, kids, and reminding me why I go to work everyday.  And for the little extra padding in our bank account!
View from WWU campus, looking towards home.  See the itty-bitty steam coming up from the refinery towards the left on the horizon? We are right near there!

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