Thursday, April 2, 2015

Office & Hallway #5

The last time I posted about remodel projects Andrew had just patched the ceiling boards and replaced some weird lighting issues.   That made a huge difference, which inspired him to work on the floors a few weekends ago.

This is what the floor looked like before.  The laminate floors stopped abruptly where there used to be a wall, there was a crazy dip in the floor, and then there was carpet.  And there was a weird gap in the laminate, and sub-flooring, where there used to be a wall between the hallway and the living room.
Pre floor re-do
And this is what they looked like after.  So nice and pretty!  Feels like it really ties the house together.  Next up, dry-wall!
From the living room down the hallway
From the playroom into the office space
And, a for fun shot of Andrew's little helper.  Funny girl.
Andrew and Scout tapping in flooring

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