Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Boulevard Park

We've been trying to continue our weekly family adventures, we aren't always great about it but we keep making it an effort.  We went to Boulevard Park in the middle of April, on a gorgeous Spring day.  Scout loved it.  So much so that she keeps requesting to go back (we have, once, since then) and talking about it.  I mean it was pretty eventful.  There was lots of walking along the boardwalk, bird watching, ocean staring, snack having, tide pool wading, crab finding, and a bit of playing on playground.  Love that place!  Just a few pictures from that day.
Scout found an itty bitty star fish.
We brought snacks, meandered along the boardwalk and enjoyed the gorgeous scenery.
Elena loved being able to walk and navigate the outdoors on her own.  She looked like a little hipster with her spitty bandana.
Check out this snack induced stare!

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