Sunday, May 17, 2015


There are 19 days very full days left.  A three-day weekend, then two two-day weekends.  3, maybe 4 more long work days at WWU.  Two weeks of rehearsals and gigs for Andrew and lots of babysitting from family and neighbors.  Yes, I'm totally counting down, don't judge.  I'm counting down to spending more time with my family, more time outdoors, more time exercising, and more time on projects that I choose.  I love my job, but I love summers and the freedom they bring for us to play and work together.

Scout and I started this chain at the end of Spring Break, as per our tradition.  It's shrunk dramatically, and I know the next few weeks will fly by as we are pretty jam packed full.  I've got a million awesome pictures of all the fun we've been having lately, and could write a million posts updating every little detail of our lives.  Maybe those posts will happen, maybe they won't.  For now, I'm catching my breath for the last big push and looking forward to more days enjoying my coffee and soaking up sunshine while swinging two big girls, pulling the wagon down the road to explore, weeding the garden with my little chatterbox, and lounging with Andrew in the evenings. Here's to summer, it's almost here!

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