Tuesday, May 19, 2015


We have a new addition.  A few actually, but today's feature is named Doug.  He's a bearded dragon.  And he came to us by way of some friends who thought he needed a more stimulating environment.  I think our house fits that bill.
He doesn't seem to mind Elena following him.
Or Scout trying to snuggle up to him and kiss him.  She got a few in by the way.
He's pretty awesome.
He spends most of his time in our unfinished office space (and will get a special corner here when it is finished).  You can see him from our living room couch and anytime you swing into the playroom.  People come to gawk at him, and get's lots of "Hi Doug!"  "Bye Doug"  "Night Doug!" as people run by.  Meaning the little people and the big people.
He's a pretty chill guy.  Really the easiest pet we've ever had.

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