Saturday, July 11, 2015


Remember how we got rid of our cats?  For peeing all over things and ruining our garage?  Well, withing a few months we started noticing mice...and rats...and the starlings started going crazy, dive bombing Lucy and us and yelling at us all the time.  We set some traps, but ultimately decided that if you are going to have a farm (even a silly little one!) with ready access to chicken food, duck food, compost, a garden, and hay around, that cats might be a necessity to keep the rat and mice population down, or at least away from the house.

So, on June 9th, we got a pair of kittens. Two sisters (hoping girls spray less than boys?).  We named them Jupe (Jupiter) and Nep (Neptune). We got them having a totally different mindset then we had with our previous cats.  These are "working animals"  not pets, and we got them to do a job. The family we bought them from had two litters within a few days of each other, and both litters lived solely outside.  And they are going to stay outdoor only cats.
They have this little house outside to go in if they need to get out of the weather.
But they are dang cute.  And the girls love them to pieces (literally).  First thing they do every morning is to run out and play with the kittens while Andrew and I get breakfast together.  Watching them run around, wrestling and pouncing on things is pretty good entertainment. 
Nep in front, Jupe in back.
Jupe exploring
Jupe wrestling a piece of sidewalk chalk
Snoozing in the heat.

Elena playing with the kittens...which can just as easily turn into her grabbing them by the fur...or trying to stomp on them.

Best of all...Nep already caught her first mouse!  Super exciting that they are already figuring out what they need to do if they want to stick around!

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