Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Scout-4 years old

Cherry Picking
This little bug turned 4, on the 3rd of this month.  Hard to believe she is getting so old, and yet, hard to believe that she is only 4 years old.  This kid is a wise one, a thoughtful one.  She is Isla Scout Bybee Full of Love.
  • She loves to learn, always shadowing us, asking us questions, trying it out and wanting to know how it all works.  She loves to work with us. She knows way too much about so many things: gardening, the solar system, seasons and weather,  
  • She loves non-fiction books, even ones that are way over her head.  Her favorite topic at the moment is space; she can tell you lots about the planets, moons, asteroids, and comets if she's in the mood.  She also likes reading about earth and weather and animals. 
  • She likes to watch shows (netflix) and we probably let her way too much.  We pretty much limit it to in the morning (in bed with us until Elena wakes up) and right after her rest.  She seems to binge on one show or another, watch it all and then move on to another one.  She doesn't seem to have a huge favorite, although she has liked Magic School Bus lately. 
  • I would say she doesn't nap anymore, since she hasn't in months.  But just last week she proved me wrong and fell asleep.  Regardless, she "rests" most days for an hour in her room.  Her rests usually consist of lots of singing and playing and getting up for drinks and bathroom breaks.  But we keep them up anyway.
  • Because of the above, she goes to bed between 6-630pm and sleeps till 6-630am in the morning.  She goes to bed fairly easily (not that it still doesn't exasperate us at times!) with a pretty specific routine.  Dinner, bath, jammies, watch a pink panther while she gets her hair combed, read two books, use the toilet, brush teeth, last drink of water, race to bed, sing two songs, last hug and kiss, blow kiss and "love you to the moon and back" on the way out the door.  And then she usually gets up once or twice for a last drink, hug or bathroom visit.
  • A few months ago she decided that she was done wearing pull-ups a night.  It took her a week or so of accidents for us to realize that she couldn't have a water bottle in her bed at night, and I started getting her up to pee before I went to bed at night.  I'm not sure that she still needs me to get her up before I go to bed, but she goes right back to sleep and it's working, so I'm hesitant to mess with it.
  • She likes to exercise with me, whenever I will let her.  This usually consists of her trying a few moves, telling me to try one more, asking me why I'm not doing what the lady on the screen is doing, counting down the numbers for me, and generally cheering me on.
  • She is so sweet, and so nice, and so full of love for everyone.  She is too forgiving to her little sister and bends over backwards to try and make Elena happy and love on her.  She is full of hugs and kisses and snuggles.
  • She has started telling jokes and trying to make us laugh.  Hilarious, sometimes annoying, but pretty hilarious.
  • She's not really a picky eater, but she's not the most adventurous either.  We pretty much let her pick her meals.  Right now she requests a fried egg (brains mashed) with no salt or pepper, an only jelly sandwich, and a monkey salad everyday for breakfast.  For other meals she seems to gravitate towards some regulars such as pickles, olives, avocado, pepperoni, cheese, bean and cheese quesadillas, hummus, and applesauce.
  • She's been very interested in letters and numbers and spelling words and adding and subtracting.  It's a constant stream of learning for this one, so fun to watch.
  • She is still loving doing gymnastics at Gymstar here in Ferndale.  They just started a new session, with a new teacher, and new kids in the class...which did not go over so well with her.  Luckily there was another class running at the same time, with fewer kids in it, with a teacher she had met before.  The class is a preteam class, less "fun and games" and more skill building, but she loves it.   Curious to see where this gymnastics route leads her...we are hoping to get her in a few more classes next year to try and get her comfortable in a wider variety of situations.
At Boulevard Park
We love this little bug and are so glad she is in our life.  She cracks up with her running commentary!

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