Friday, July 10, 2015


We are just shy (two days) of a month into summer.  Mentally, it's been a bit more stressful than I'd choose, due to some family issues that are beyond my ability to do anything about, but that are keeping me thinking, hoping, and worrying.  It's the worst kind of stress to me, the problems that I don't know how to attack or fix.  Makes me feel anxious, foggy, I need to be constantly ready to jump into action, but there is nothing to be done.  Luckily, I think my brain is adjusting and I'm settling back into my typical mental state.
My happy place view
Despite the mental stress, we've been thoroughly enjoying ourselves.  I'm hoping to find some regular time to journal (blog) as it works wonders on sanity, but if you're drying to know all the thoughts bouncing around in my head, about the past month and the coming month, it looks something like this:

4 years old!-birthday-1st friend party-icecreamcake-4th of July-parades-fireworks-bouncy house-making friends-balloons-swimming pool-mud-swings-duck pen-climbing-bouldering-new climbing structure-camping trips-strawberries-raspberries-blueberries-cherries-hothothot-camping trips-bangs-more climbing-trampoline-fountain-kittens-black ducks-Doug-tattoos-whole30-exercise-gymnastics-scooter-drywall patching-office rebuild-new window and fan-riding the city bus-trips to the zoo-food food and more food

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