Monday, July 27, 2015


Today we are packing up and prepping for a camping trip, two nights at Lake Diablo.  We went camping a week ago at Deception Pass, the girls loved it, so I have high hopes for this trip.  The weather is supposed to be gorgeous and hot, perfect for getting in the lake.

We've been busy, a good kind of busy, but keeping busy just the same.  I picture all this extra time in the summer, that I will have time to sit down and write.  But in reality I have very little alone time.  We fill up our days with camping trips, projects, helping family, time with friends and family adventures.  Which is great, I just always forget how skilled we are at keeping busy.  I've never understood getting bored!

Andrew bought wood for a new, big yard project today.  A climbing wall/play fort with a slide off of it.  It's going to be massive, big enough for us to climb on too.  We are all pretty excited!

In other news, Elena learned how to pick apples off the trees.  Too bad they aren't quite ripe yet. She doesn't look too impressed, but she kept eating it, and wouldn't give it up.  So it couldn't have been too bad.  Granted, this kid also eats mouthfuls of sand and dirt.
Elena Jo-July 27, 2015

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