Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Cilmbing Wall #2

Maybe this post should be labeled Climbing Wall #2, #3, and #4 because the work was done over 3 separate days, but whatever...this works.  Day 1, Andrew dug 4 holes, each about 2 feet deep to sink the corner posts (4x6's) in.  Day 2, our friend Zach came over and spent the day finishing the holes, putting bricks in the bottom (for the posts to rest on), levels the posts, and cementing them in...880 lbs of conrete!  Thanks Zach for the help!
Andrew and Zach figuring out a system-August 5th
Andrew and Scout-August 5th
Scout and I-August 5th
Day 3, Andrew dug a 5th hole, and cemented in a last post, a 4x4, that will support the climbing wall section, and help separate the sloped portion from the unsloped portion.
All 5 posts in-August 11th
It's pretty exciting to see all of the posts up and firmly in place, helps make the whole project seem more real....and massively large! We are excited!

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