Friday, August 14, 2015

Office & Hallway #6

We have a new window!  The old window in Scout's old room, now our office/hallway area was old, aluminum, and small.  It needed to be replaced, and it made sense to do it now while the room was already torn up.  We decided to go bigger and let more light in that little back area of the house. We also moved it down slightly so that you would be able to see out the window if you were sitting at a desk in front of it, part of the long term plan. Our brother in-law Taylor came over and helped Andrew for the day, which was so awesome, especially considering they just had a new baby.  I'm sure it wasn't, but they made it look easy. 
Old window-August 4th
New window in process-August 4th
New window finished-August 4th
So nice to have more light, and a new vinyl window in that room. On to drywall patching...eek!

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