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Miss Scout has definitely changed our lives, mostly for the better.  I can't honestly say that lack of sleep, the occasional screaming spat, and spit up are positives, but all of the smiles and the snuggles and jabbering definitely make up for it.  As Andrew says, having a baby "is interesting" and I have to agree.  Her presence is continually forcing us to learn new skills and adapt to meet her needs.  We are constantly picking up a book, calling our parents, asking friends, or searching on the internet to gather information.  Mostly though, we are learning to make a decision that feels right to us, to be consistent, and to trust our instincts.  It's an ongoing learning process, from what happens to your body during pregnancy, picking out baby gear that fits our family's needs, or just adapting to having our baby be a part of every moment of our lives.  I love talking about it and learning from other people going through the same process.

And can you blame me?  Isn't she amazing?
Just a few days old
One month
Two months
Three months
Four months
Five Months
Seven Months
Eight Months
Nine Months

Ten Months

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