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Andrew & Lauriel Fall 2009

Our life is incredibly, amazingly good and we are pretty busy enjoying every aspect of it.  We were married in September of 2004 after dating for almost 5 years.  Currently, we are living just north of Bellingham with our daughter Scout, our 3 cats, John, Paul, & Abbey, and our Great Dane, Lucy.  Andrew graduated from Western Washington University in Spring of 2011 with two Bachelor's degrees, one in Music Education and one in Music Performance.  He keeps busy taking care of Scout during the day, teaching private trumpet lessons in the evening, and playing in various local music groups. Lauriel got her first teaching job, teaching middle school special education, in Fall of 2009.  She completed her Master's in Special Education in Summer of 2011 and started teaching an evening course in the Special Education department at Western Washington University that following Fall.  Scout was born in July of 2011 with a full head of bright orange hair.  She is an easy, fun baby who is constantly changing and delighting us with her new skills.  
Scout Fall 2011
Along with the arrival of Scout, 2011 also brought the purchase of our first home; a small home on an acre of land.  We are enjoying figuring out how to be parents, homeowners, pet owners, and as self-sufficient as possible.  I should clarify that our brand of self-sufficiency is not the all at once, hide from the world sort of self-sufficiency, it's more of a let's learn how to grow what we eat, preserve food for the whole year, and raise animals for our meat, dairy, eggs, and honey.  With a little bit of if we really get the hang of this, maybe we could sell and trade some of our extra goods.  Some one once told us that we were really "living the good life" and I would have to agree.  We have lots of ambitious goals that we are no where near obtaining, but this blog is a haphazard record of our life as we focus on the basics that matter most to us: Family, Gardening, Animals, Food, Friends, Music, Laughter, Books, Art, & Photos being just a few of our favorites.
Miss Lucy Spring 2011