We are total homebodies, we could probably be happy never leaving our house and just having people stop by once every other week or so.  That being said, we love the area that we live in and we do get out occasionally.  Click here to read about some of our adventures around town or read on about some of favorite places!

Just down the road from our house is a delightful u-pick vegetable farm.  Half Acre Farm is located within Boxx Berry Farm, so it's very convienent to get an ice cream, a few berries, and then stock up on veggies for the week. We have some veggies growing, but definitely not enough to sustain us. Until we can grow that much, it is way more fun to go to Half Acre Farm and dig up our own veggies!  Seriously, have you ever gotten to go dig up your own potatoes and carrots?  Chop off your own cauliflower? Way more fun than getting them from the grocery store!
Produce from Half Acre Farms
Here is an example of our produce from one quick picking. As an added bonus, the carrots were even free if you promised to spread the word. So go check it out, you won't be disappointed!