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From this page you can read more about all of our home improvement projects, harvesting, gardening, animals, DIY projects, and other random things we think are making us more self-sufficient (I'm not entirely convinced yet!)

For some reason, we find it enjoyable to partake in the hobby some call gardening (a fancy name for yardwork).  Surprisingly, every once in a while we actually get food from all of our hard work.  Here is a summary of everything we harvested in 2010.  Due to moving into our first home in April and Scout's arrival in July, 2011 had very little harvest to boast of.  And no cataloging from me.  Boo.

We also like to eat.  We spend a great deal of time thinking about food.  So we pretend that we like cooking, baking, canning, cataloging delicious recipes that we find (steal), and making menus to plan how we are going to fit all of the good food we think about in a single weeks worth of eating.  At the bottom of this page is a list of all of our recipes by name.

We love our pets!  If you are interesting in following the adventures of Lucy the Great Dane or of our three black cats, John, Paul, and Abbey, click on their respective names.  In the last rental we lived in, we were able to have chickens and ducks.  Our current home isn't quite set up for them, but hopefully we can get our own flocks going again and maybe even have goats one day. 

If this isn't random enough for you, check out the projects that we attempt to tackle and finish.  In and amongst the rest of living of course.